» Where do you want the body?

Where do you want the body?

Where do you want the body?

“Just throw it in the trunk. It’s bagged, so it shouldn’t make a mess.”  Yesterday, I had the unfortunate experience of viewing multiple dead bodies being carried out and stuffed into trunks.  They had only about 30 minutes earlier, been brutally murdered and left to bleed out, prior to then being sliced opened.

What’s worse is that this is a “Holiday” tradition!  Seriously, wtf kind of insanity possesses people to do this in the year 2014?!?  I mean, I thought the days of live sacrifices was over and done with centuries ago, but obviously I’m clearly mistaken.

People were arriving as families, as if to pick out a Christmas tree.  Then they’d leave with a creepy, big smile as if their having a say in who they wanted killed and brought home was the best thing in the world!

Oh and where were the cops??? Ha! Funny, you should ask.  They were right there, standing guard, watching people go in, and then carry out their +1 dead body.

Well this is obviously happening in some remote, underdeveloped part of the world, right?  WRONG!!!  It’s happening right here in the “Good ol’ U S of A”… and who knows how many other countries worldwide.

The reason this is allowed in so many parts of the world is because the law allows it.  You see, humanity has certain outdated traditions and beliefs, which differ depending on where you are in the world.  I’m sure you might recall at one point, here in the United States, slavery was okay because the “white man” thought the “black man” was not as intelligent or that they even had a soul.  Dare I even mention Hitler’s genocide of the Jews, and how very justified that was in the Nazis’ eyes.

My point is that history has shown, that we as a species, although it may take decades to change, we can, and we do.

That is exactly what a group of protesters were doing yesterday, making change.  They came together at Mary’s Ranch (Matadero Cabrera) in Hialeah, FL, in hopes of educating people and helping them see why this cruelty and murder needs to stop.  This fight is happening on a grander scale, worldwide, as this is now not only about those being murdered, it is also about the sustainability of humanity and the planet we inhabit.

That said, I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or whatever holiday you celebrate, or don’t… have a good one 🙂


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