» “Oh Karl…”

“Oh Karl…”

“Oh Karl…”

These past couple of weeks have been ridiculously trying.  And just when we thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, we got ‘that’ call.  It was Orson.  Normally, Orson’s one to open with a somewhat humorous ‘hello’.  But not this time.  This time it was about Karl.

Karl was a unique, special, thoughtful, weird, awkward, original, cool, entertaining, caring, kind, extraordinary and exceptional human being.  Anyone who knew him, knows that he exuded all those adjectives on a whole other level.  There really is no other person like Karl on this earth.  He was one of a kind.

I can honestly say that just about everyone that crossed paths with Karl, was left with a lasting impression.  For those who only knew him in passing it may have only been a “who is that guy?” or “wow, is he really doing that?” kind of thing.  However, for those of us that were lucky enough to actually know Karl, he was so much more.pflieger_120428-9408

We all have a story or more to tell about Karl.  My wife and I had the honor of having Karl at our wedding.  Not only did he help with the behind the scenes, he also gave a kick ass, embarrassingly hilarious, yet heartfelt toast, which he drafted up on the back of a shopping receipt the night before.  That was Karl.  Planned or unplanned, when he set his mind to it, he delivered.  He was one to come at you out of left field and amaze the hell out of you, and when he did you’re only reaction would be ‘Oh Karl…’.View More: http://thrgallery.pass.us/lalikatiwedding

This week, I’ve said that to myself numerous times, and I’m sure many others have also. Unfortunately, this time it’s been with a very somber connotation.  Going forward, we should aim to get that cheerful undertone back.  As I’m sure Karl wouldn’t want it any other way.  A lot of times, even if he wasn’t in the smiling mood, he’d do something outrageous to at the very least get a smile out of you.  Let’s remember that, and always remember Karl.

Photo Credit:

  • National Equality March 2009 – Ashley Delgado
  • Lesley College’s Paint Dance 2012 – Katherine Pflieger
  • Lesley College Graduation 2012 – Katherine Pflieger
  • Our Wedding – Tracy Rodriguez




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