» Carmen Electra & Dennis Rodman under the same roof! Say whaaaat?!?!?

Carmen Electra & Dennis Rodman under the same roof! Say whaaaat?!?!?

Carmen Electra & Dennis Rodman under the same roof! Say whaaaat?!?!?

Yes, its true.  Carmen Electra was the guest of honor at the Fright Night Fundraiser for Safe Kids hosted by Berman and Berman Law Group, this past Thursday, October 23, 2014.  And yes, Dennis was also there, but was there any drama?!?!?

Well I can’t say for sure as I have yet to invest in any noice cancelling, supersonic, audio aids.  Meaning, there wasn’t any blatantly obvious drama.  No screaming, yelling, or bottles thrown.  Sorry to disappoint ya.  Though, yeah there was definitely a big stir when Dennis was the first to make an appearance.  [[Oh no! It’s about to go down!]]

So wtf did go down?!?  Well, after Rodman came in, Carmen’s ride pulled up shortly thereafter.  Mz. Electra did take her sweeeeeeet time to come on out, most likely for obvious reasons, but she did eventually step out to make her gorgeous appearance.  She was led by Russell Berman and followed by an entourage of others.  By this point, word had spread that Rodman had left.  Hence, Carmen and her crew made their way inside to the VIP area set up for them.  Once inside, she was passed the mic, welcomed guests, and then proceeded to relax and chat away with her peeps, which included Jonathan Cheban.

And then……………… Well before the hour was up Rodman magically reappeared on the premises and apparently made a beeline to her.  I’m sure he just wanted to say ‘hi’.  He and Carmen did exchange words, but there were also smiles here and there.  Though, those smiles were probably just for the cameras as Rodman was also exchanging words with her bodyguard, who never once smiled.  Somebody should’ve gotten that guy a drink.

So what was said? I have no freaking clue! lol  What I do know is that they both behaved very civilly and Rodman was off the stage and at the bar within minutes.  He was in good spirits, no pun intended, and was socializing with the guests being a good sport and taking pics with everyone.

I can’t speak for anyone else but, all in all, it was a good night.

See more pictures of Fright Night with Carmen Electra:


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