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Can you imagine?

Can you imagine?

Like most kids, I too use to look forward to the circus.  Aside from the kick-ass trapeze acts, I thought it was pretty damn cool to see elephants and tigers do tricks.  Never did I for a second think that these animals were being abused and forced to do these ‘tricks’.  I would sit back, enjoy a hot dog from the concession stand,  and delight in the ‘show’ that these exotic animals were putting on for us.  Little did I know that all the while these poor miserable beings were being tortured, not to mention abducted from their families, never to see them again.

What’s worse, well honestly it’s all fcked up, but there are babies (Yes,babies!) that are taken from their mothers only to be shackled and manhandled all to ‘teach’ them how to do those ‘tricks’.

A lot of times these little ones experience broken limbs from the roughness endured during ‘training’.  On top of that, more often than not, they will not receive the veterinary care that they need.Cole Bros. Circus Protest

Can you imagine?  Try and think back to when you were a small child.  Were you ever separated from your mother or guardian?

For me, all I can do is imagine it, because the closest thing I have to being separated from my mom was when I was abandoned at the age of four among these strangers at this place called “school”.  Yes, I was traumatized.  I felt deserted. “What had I done to deserve this?!?”  I know, I know, not every kid goes through that. Hell, most kids look forward to school, but for me, that first day was a nightmare!  Why you ask, well because I had no idea why it was happening.  I just wanted to hangout with my mommy at home.

If your answer was no, well lucky you.  Unfortunately, for these babies, it’s happening all the time and there’s no police report, or investigation protocol in place to help reunite them with their families.  No, that’s a luxury only humans hold.

Now for those of you who are parents, can you imagine?  How would you feel if your child was stolen from you?  What would you do?  What if I told you, there’s absolutely nothing you can do?  Your baby is gone… forever.  Yeah, sorry to make it real, but that’s their reality.  That’s their nightmare, both child and parent, ON A DAILY BASIS!Cole Bros. Circus Protest

Some of you might be asking why or how this is happening, right?  I mean how is it that in the year 2014, abductions, torture, and slavery are still happening on such a wide scale?!?

I’ll tell you why, but you have to promise to not get upset.

This is happening because YOU are buying tickets to go see these shows.  It’s simple economics, really.  People are still lining up to buy these tickets, which is the demand.  And as long as there’s a strong demand, these kidnappers, torturers, and slave owners will continue to do this.

That said, YOU CAN STOP THIS.  It’s a no brainer, but I’ll say it anyway.  When it comes to this, you lower the demand and the supply will dwindle, simply because it will no longer be profitable.  Therefore, all you need to do is stop buying these tickets. Stop going to these circuses that have animals enslaved.   Cole Bros. Circus Protest

Did you know that there are circuses that are animal-free?  Yeah, I didn’t either.  These circuses focus more on what kids would view as ‘super human’ power acts.  That’s right, you’ll find those bad-ass trapeze shows and then some at these animal-free circuses.

You could just Google it, but in case your feeling lazy, here are some links to help you find them:

Born Free USA

PETA: Animal-Free Circuses

For those of you looking to do a little more, and who want to put a stop to this sooner than later, there are different ways to help.  Aside from just boycotting the animal circuses, you could also help the fight by joining organizations that are directly coordinating against the circuses.  Whether you donate money, your time, or both, it helps!  And for those that like to be on the front lines like me, you could always take part in a non-violent protest like the one I participated in earlier this month.


Circus Protests

Animal Rights Foundation of Florida

Cole Bros. Circus Protest

The pictures you’re seeing here are from the November 8, 2014, ARFF protest against the Cole Bros. Circus in West Palm Beach, Florida.  And yes, that ‘training’ tool is what you’re seeing in this trainer’s hand.


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