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Blue-eyed Beauty

Blue-eyed Beauty

Growing up, I never had a dog at home.  I did have adoptive feline siblings, but never a canine.  The dogs in my life had always been on behalf of my little hermanitas. At the time, I swear they were starting a little petting zoo!  I was always SO eager to see them, as there would always be a new puppy or _______?

Anyhow, this post is dedicated to their blue-eyed beauty, Mia.

The moment I set eyes on her, I wished I could take her home.  With just a quick glance, she stole my heart, just like she did with her actual caretakers.  She had the most captivating blue eyes.  See for yourself, she was beautiful!  She loved unconditionally and was loved.  This gorgeous blue-eyed queen will always be remembered <3

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