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Showbiz isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Joanna Krupa

We’ve all heard or maybe even thought it before, now haven’t we?  Just tune into TMZ or pick up a tabloid and ‘get to know’ your favorite celebrity and what they’ve been up to. Most of us would be more than just peeved if someone was all up in our business. Hell, people have been shot and killed because of it.  That said, if the opportunity to be ‘famous’ ever arrised, a lot of those same people wouldn’t hesitate to take it. The lack of privacy kind of sucks, but hey, it’s what you signed up for when you decided to be an entertainer.

Although, privacy, or the lack there of,  isn’t the only draw back. For some, depression is a huge factor.
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Where do you want the body?

“Just throw it in the trunk. It’s bagged, so it shouldn’t make a mess.”  Yesterday, I had the unfortunate experience of viewing multiple dead bodies being carried out and stuffed into trunks.  They had only about 30 minutes earlier, been brutally murdered and left to bleed out, prior to then being sliced opened.

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Abducted and tested on?… Holy sh*#!

Yep, that’s right.  Abductions.. they’re real and all that testing too.  
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Can you imagine?

Cole Bros. Circus Protest

Like most kids, I too use to look forward to the circus.  Aside from the kick-ass trapeze acts, I thought it was pretty damn cool to see elephants and tigers do tricks.  Never did I for a second think that these animals were being abused and forced to do these ‘tricks’.  I would sit back, enjoy a hot dog from the concession stand,  and delight in the ‘show’ that these exotic animals were putting on for us.  Little did I know that all the while these poor miserable beings were being tortured, not to mention abducted from their families, never to see them again.
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“Oh Karl…”

These past couple of weeks have been ridiculously trying.  And just when we thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, we got ‘that’ call.  It was Orson.  Normally, Orson’s one to open with a somewhat humorous ‘hello’.  But not this time.  This time it was about Karl.

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Blue-eyed Beauty

Growing up, I never had a dog at home.  I did have adoptive feline siblings, but never a canine.  The dogs in my life had always been on behalf of my little hermanitas. At the time, I swear they were starting a little petting zoo!  I was always SO eager to see them, as there would always be a new puppy or _______?

Anyhow, this post is dedicated to their blue-eyed beauty, Mia.

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Carmen Electra & Dennis Rodman under the same roof! Say whaaaat?!?!?

Carmen Electra posing

Yes, its true.  Carmen Electra was the guest of honor at the Fright Night Fundraiser for Safe Kids hosted by Berman and Berman Law Group, this past Thursday, October 23, 2014.  And yes, Dennis was also there, but was there any drama?!?!?
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I’m baaaaaaack!

Well, ‘blog’ wise I never left as this is my very first blog post ever, here. With that said, welcome! I’ll be bringing you tidbits of just about everything I encounter, think of, and of course photograph. So get to it already Kat, where have you been?!?!?

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