» Abducted and tested on?… Holy sh*#!

Abducted and tested on?… Holy sh*#!

Abducted and tested on?… Holy sh*#!

Yep, that’s right.  Abductions.. they’re real and all that testing too.  It’s happening every single day to thousands everywhere on this planet.  No seriously, it is.  And normally, I’d ask, “… you didn’t know?”, but the sad truth is that you do.  So this is where you’re asking yourself, “What…?!?!”  Alright, to be fair, there’s a small percentage of you that don’t, but for the majority it’s common knowledge.

So wth am I referring to?  Vivisection.  “Huh?!?, is that what they use to do to patients in the psych ward back in the day?”  Eh, no. I’ll give you the Merriam-Webster medical definition to help you out – [ the cutting of or operation on a living animal usually for physiological or pathological investigation; broadly :animal experimentation especially if considered to cause distress or result in injury or death to the subject ] 

Well, that sounds a little familiar now doesn’t it?  Damn right! Simply said, ANIMAL TESTING.  Primate Products

Yesterday, I attended a rally against animal testing right here in south Florida.  This facility is notorious for animal cruelty, specifically towards monkeys.  It had been previously shut down, but what do you know, their doors are open again.

Here are the superheroes fighting to stop this once and for all:

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